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Harry Ackerman 1912-1991

Country : Albany, New York
Profession : Producer
Date of birth : 1912-11-17
Date of death : 1991-02-03
Cause of Death : Unspecified

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Harry Ackerman (November 17, 1912, in Albany, New York - February 3, 1991 in Burbank, California) was a famed TV executive producer at Screen Gems, the television division of Columbia Pictures.

From 1958 through 1974, under the command of Ackerman as Vice President of Production, Screen Gems delivered the classic sitcoms: Father Knows Best, Dennis the Menace, The Donna Reed Show, Hazel, Gidget, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Flying Nun, The Monkees, and The Partridge Family.

Harry Ackerman won two Emmy Awards for his work, and was the first producer ever honored by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at their 1974 luncheon.

For his work on television, Ackerman has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6661 Hollywood Blvd.

The Harry Ackerman Collection of personal papers was donated to the Dartmouth College Library in 1994 as a gift from Ackerman's widow, actress Elinor Donahue. Harry Ackerman, a Class of 1935 graduate, was one of the most prolific producers in the history of television, having created or co-created and produced a total of twenty-one television series, seven of which were on the air simultaneously.


  1. Gidget's Summer Reunion (1985) (TV) (executive producer)
  2. "CBS Schoolbreak Special" (producer) (1 episode, 1984)
    - Welcome Home, Jellybean (1984) TV episode (producer)
  3. The Sky's No Limit (1984) (TV) (supervising producer)
  4. Keep an Eye on Denise (1973) (TV) (producer)
  5. "The Paul Lynde Show" (executive producer) (9 episodes, 1972-1973)
    - Back Talk (1973) TV episode (executive producer)
    - The Congressman's Son (1973) TV episode (executive producer)
    - An Affair to Forget (1972) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Meet Aunt Charlotte (1972) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Whose Lib? (1972) TV episode (executive producer)
  6. Gidget Gets Married (1972) (TV) (executive producer)
  7. Cat Ballou (1971/I) (TV) (executive producer)
  8. Is There a Doctor in the House (1971) (TV) (executive producer)
  9. Inside O.U.T. (1971) (TV) (executive producer)
  10. "Bewitched" (executive producer) (200 episodes, 1964-1970)
    - Make Love Not Hate (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Turn on That Old Charm (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Mona Sammy (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - If the Shoe Pinches (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - A Chance on Love (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
  11. "The Flying Nun" (executive producer) (74 episodes, 1967-1970)
    - No Tears for Mrs. Thomas (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - When Generations Gap (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - A Gift for El Charro (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - The Candid Commercial (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Papa Carlos (1970) TV episode (executive producer)
  12. Hastings Corner (1970) (TV) (executive producer)
  13. Gidget Grows Up (1969) (TV) (executive producer)
  14. In Name Only (1969) (TV) (executive producer)
  15. Under the Yum Yum Tree (1969) (TV) (executive producer)
  16. "The Ugliest Girl in Town" (executive producer) (1 episode, 1968)
    - The Ugliest Girl in Town (1968) TV episode (executive producer)
  17. "Love on a Rooftop" (1966) TV series (executive producer) (unknown episodes)
  18. "Gidget" (executive producer) (28 episodes, 1965-1966)
    - One More for the Road (1966) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Independence -- Gidget Style (1966) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Take a Lesson (1966) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Love and the Single Gidget (1966) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Ring-a-Ding-Dingbat (1966) TV episode (executive producer)
  19. "Hazel" (executive producer) (40 episodes, 1961-1965)
    - Noblesse Oblige (1965) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Just 86 Shopping Minutes to Christmas (1964) TV episode (executive producer)
    - The Baby Came C.O.D. (1963) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Hazel Scores a Touchdown (1963) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Piccolo Mondo (1963) TV episode (executive producer)
  20. "The Wackiest Ship in the Army" (1965) TV series (producer) (unknown episodes)
  21. "Vacation Playhouse" (executive producer) (1 episode, 1964)
    - He's All Yours (1964) TV episode (executive producer)
  22. Archie (1964) (TV) (executive producer)
  23. "The Farmer's Daughter" (executive producer) (1 episode, 1963)
    - The Washington Spotlight (1963) TV episode (executive producer)
  24. Rockabye the Infantry (1963) (TV) (executive producer)
  25. The Plot Thickens (1963) (TV) (executive producer)
  26. "Goodyear Theatre" (executive producer) (1 episode, 1960)
    - All in the Family (1960) TV episode (executive producer)
  27. "Bachelor Father" (producer) (11 episodes, 1957-1958)
    - A Sister for Kelly (1958) TV episode (producer)
    - Bentley and the Social Worker (1958) TV episode (producer)
    - Uncle Bentley Loans Out Peter (1958) TV episode (producer)
    - Bentley and His Junior Image (1958) TV episode (producer)
    - Bentley, the Homemaker (1958) TV episode (producer)
  28. "Leave It to Beaver" (executive producer) (20 episodes, 1957-1958)
    - Lonesome Beaver (1958) TV episode (executive producer)
    - The Bank Account (1958) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Child Care (1958) TV episode (executive producer)
    - The Paper Route (1958) TV episode (executive producer)
    - Lumpy Rutherford (1958) TV episode (executive producer)
  29. "Tales of the Texas Rangers" (1955) TV series (producer)
  1. "The Flying Nun" (1 episode, 1967)
    - The Flying Nun (1967) TV episode (creator)
  2. "Love on a Rooftop" (1966) TV series (unknown episodes)
  1. "I Love Lucy" .... Network Sponsor #2 (1 episode, 1951)
    - The Audition (1951) TV episode .... Network Sponsor #2


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